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Local companies have participated in the seminar "The export of fruit and vegetables in the European Union (Germany)"

10 June 2009

On 10 June 2009, the Export Promotion in Moldova organized inside the International Business Centre, the seminar "Export of fruit and vegetables in the European Union (Germany).

This important event for Moldovan export-oriented was organized by the Moldovan Investment and Export Promotion Organization, with the support of the European Union project "Support to promote export and attract investment in the Republic of Moldova" and in cooperation with the Agricultural Business Development Project (PDBA / CNFA), funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The major objective of the event was to familiarize Moldovan companies export-oriented rules and conditions for access to the EU market, in particular on the German market, the agricultural products industry. The seminar was attended by 30 Moldovan companies, operating within the agrifood industry, and representatives of ministries, associations, media.

The event was moderated by Mr.. Andrei Timus, OPEM Executive Director, welcomed participants to the seminar, mentioned insemnatatea conduct these seminars to stimulate foreign trade. Present at the seminar, Mr. Octavian Calmic, Director of General Direction of Commercial Policy, inaugurated the event claimed that, as the global economic crisis has a major impact on external trade, these initiatives to organize such workshops with thematic information are of particular relevance. In this sense, autonomous trade preferences granted to the Republic of Moldova by the European Union are not yet valued at their fair value due to the existence of stringent requirements for access to the European Union market, said Mrs. OLARU Hope, Project Manager of the European Commission Delegation in Chisinau.

The seminar was conducted in two parts. The first part of the seminar included the presentation of Mr. Andrei Cumpana, Food Security Coordinator and Quality (PDBA), which brought to the attention of the participants information about food safety and quality requirements for the EU market, and recent changes in regulations concerning food safety requirements market access and fees. In accordance with the present time, any food product must meet all requirements on the production, processing, packaging, marking, labeling, etc. to access the European market.

As the second part of the seminar, it also was divided into two sections, the focus, primarily on the German market. Mr. Jens Hauser, specialists in market research in Germany, came up with a general description of the German food market, based on market of fruits and vegetables, said that Germany is a 4-EU country, which imports fresh fruit and vegetables and is one of the largest consumer of canned vegetables and fruit. Further, Mr. Jens Hauser has some alternatives to establish and deepen contacts with German importers. In this respect, among the parties-German businessman for selecting business partners identifies the certificates of quality, availability of supply products in bulk, the period is 4-6 weeks.

In terms of export opportunities, Mr. Jens Hauser informed that German importers are interested to broaden their base of contacts, particularly with suppliers organic fruit and vegetables. Most products have a greater demand on the German market, such as Greek walnuts, apples, table grapes, etc., are grown in Moldova, so there are big opportunities in establishing contacts Moldovan-German. Also, the presenter reported that there are some obstacles in the export market of Germany, such as ignorance of Moldovan agricultural products and export potential of Moldovan high competition with other EU countries which are partners in trade relations with Germany.

At the end of the seminar were addressed questions presenter, after which were the following conclusions:

  • examining the possibility of removing the tax from 1.5% in domestic exports of agricultural products or at least stability in the coming years;
  • focus attention on the process certification and standardization of products, this is one of the main conditions for access to the European market of Moldovan.

In general, the presentations made and the seminar have given positive reactions from the public present. More so, during the seminar, the participants were distributed questionnaires in which they have decided to organize more seminars of this kind in the future

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